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Kristie L. Williams, author of Finding Her

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Williams is a master at finding the humor in our human condition, and at the same time, finding the depth in the seemingly mundane. She balances wit and woe, and doesn’t turn away or blink in her honest writing.

–Malaika King Albrecht, author of The Stumble Fields

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Finding Her

Published by Finishing Line Press, August 2022

“One woman’s journey to define herself on her own terms.  A peek into the mind of a complex woman who works to overcome others’ inability to see that we are all disabled by flawed perceptions.”

–Marlon Carey,  author of Lazarus

Williams balances wit and woe and doesn’t turn away or blink in her honest writing. Just listen to a line from her poem “Watching You Undress Me (A Love Letter To Body Image),” where she writes, “imperfect beauty is comfortable in its own skin.”

–Malaika King Albrecht, author of TheStumbling Fields

Through meticulously relayed moments of real life—yoga pants and gym glitz, eradication of time barriers synchronizing what was and what is, Kristie Williams narrates the way we hold all the identities we’ve worn. 

–Angela Dribben, author of Every Girl

Education, Publications, Readings

M.A. Ed., Adult Education

East Carolina University—Greenville, North Carolina

B.A., English and Creative Writing

St. Andrews Presbyterian College—Laurinburg, North Carolina

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